In today’s highly competitive business environment, effective and reliable
communications are critical to a business’s success. Therefore, it is
important that you invest in a unified communications solution that allows
you to take advantage of the latest productivity-enhancing IP applications
that can deliver increased performance throughout your organization –
that solution is NEC’s SL1100 Communications System.
This unique platform is the ideal solution for any small business. The
SL1100 makes your team more reachable, responsive and productive.

The SL 1100 Advantage

• IP Technology

  • IP Networking
  • IP Trunks (SIP)
  • IP Handsets
  • IP Softphone
    • Mobility Options
  • SMB Wireless (ML440)
  • Digital DECT Wireless
  • Mobile Extension
    • Voicemail
  • Email Notification
    • Call Accounting
    • Automatic Call
    Distribution (ACD)
    • SL Desktop Suite (Unified
  • Desktop Call Control
  • Microsoft® Office Outlook® Integration
     o Dial Out/End Call, Transfer and
    Conference from Contact
  • Company Directory Access
  • Personal Contact Lists
  • Softphone
    • Network Remote Office Locations
  • Share Voicemail, Transfer Calls and
    make Intercom Calls
    • Selection of IP and Digital Handsets
UCM 6100 User Guide
NEC SL1100 Brochure